Welcome to html.me.uk, the website for html and web development help. We will share coding resources that cover everything from the basics such as simple html code (e.g. <p>The paragraph</p> to denote a new paragraph) to advanced scripts, colour codes and SEO strategies.

We will also show you the fantastic array of free web development software where you can create html websites from pure code and easily make modifications to scripts used in common CMS and blogging software such as Concrete 5 and WordPress.

HTML can be used in spreadsheet CSVs. CSVs are uploaded to many e-commerce platforms. Using a CSV can been that many products can be uploaded in bulk with minimum hassle. If HTML coding is not used, simple text will be shown, but through effective use of scripting, users can create new lines, bullet points, change colours and give a bold effect to important text.

Content Management

Once you have a domain name and hosting, it is time to build your website. There are many open-source scripts available that allow you to develop an attractive website with ease. Popular scripts include Concrete5, a content management system (CMS) that is great for small, medium and large businesses that want online presence. I have used this CMS for many projects including restaurants, accountants and clubs.  This website is developed using WordPress. Although originally a blogging platform, this too can offer superb CMS capabilities and has a huge and active following that create free plugins and themes.